Zoop – The Future of Comic Book Crowdfunding with Jordan Plosky: The Comic Source Podcast

In this episode we discuss;

Zoop – The Future of Comic Book Crowdfunding with Jordan Plosky

The Comic Source Podcast


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Jace chats with Jordan Plosky, CEO of Zoop, a new crowd -funding platform for comics. Zoop handles all the logistical challenges of marketing, fulfilling and running the campaign. This frees up the creators to just create. Plus Zoop only gets paid if the campaign is successful so they have a very vested interest in getting projects over the line. The platform essentially performs like other crowd-funding sites, but brings in so much more simplicity and each campaign is custom tailored to best suit the needs of that creator or creative team. Currently the platform is live with it’s first project, Slow City Blues, with many more projects to come in the new future. Even some creators who have been regulars on other crowd-funding platforms are making the switch to Zoop. Listen in for all the details.

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