Whalesville & Eniac with Matt Kindt | Bad Idea Takeover: The Comic Source Podcast


In this episode we discuss;

Whalesville with Matt Kindt

Bad Idea Takeover

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Jace chats with Matt Kindt about Whalesville, Rocks and Minerals & Eniac. They discuss the stories and themes Matt has created as well as the collaborative process he has with his artists on the books. Jace asks Matt about his love of history and tendency to explore conspiracies in his stories. They also talk about Matt’s decision to work with Bad Idea and how he appreciates the creative freedom he finds when telling stories at the publisher.



Writer – Matt Kindt, Artist – Adam Polina, Color Artist – Matt Hollingsworth, Letterer – Dave Sharpe


Rocks and Minerals 

Writer – Matt Kindt, Artist/Letterer – Tony Millionaire, Color Artist – Jim Campbell



Writer – Matt Kindt, Artist – Doug Braithwaite, Color Artist – Diego Rodriguez, Letterer – Dave Sharpe

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