Wallow Crowdfunding Spotlight with Lucas Lee-Garza: The Comic Source

In this episode we discuss;

Wallow Crowdfunding Spotlight with Lucas Lee-Garza

The Comic Source


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Jace chats with aspiring comic creator Lucas Lee-Garza about his current Indiegogo Campaign for Wallow. A big fantasy story taking inspiration from beloved worlds such as Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, World of Warcraft and more! Lucas is also drawing personal inspiration from his own family to tell the story of a family uprooted by war trying to find each other again amidst the upheaval. There’s some great rewards to be had in this campaign for very affordable prices, plus some huge names in the comic industry ready to provide alternate covers if stretch goals can be reached. Lucas has big plans for this series, so go check it out and pledge to be in on the ground floor of this exciting new story.

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