Triggergirl 6 Kickstarter Spotlight with Jimmy Palmiotti: The Comic Source Podcast

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Triggergirl 6 Kickstarter Spotlight Kickstarter Spotlight

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Veteran creator Jimmy Palmiotti returns to the show to chat about his current Kickstarter Campaign, Triggergirl 6: Justice. Featuring the return of a character who originally debuted in Creator-Owned Heroes from Image Comics back in 2012, the concept was a bit prescient at the time. Set in the near future  and exploring ideas of extinction and climate change, these ideas and this character has only become more realistic in the ensuing years. Join the conversation to learn more about this specific story and the creative process behind it.


When it comes to backing the campaign, you can pledge with confidence and Jimmy has successfully funded and fulfilled over twenty Kickstarter campaigns at this point. It’s a great way to build a community and connect with fans. Jimmy’s passion for these stories, along with his attention to detail for everything from the printing process to each individually shipped package, means you are getting the highest quality comic imaginable. So go check out the campaign, join the community by pledging and if you see Jimmy at San Diego Comic Con 2023, be sure to say hi!

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