Top 5 Flash Artists with Sina Grace & V Ken Marion: The Comic Source Podcast

In this episode we discuss;

Top 5 Flash Artists with Sina Grace & V Ken Marion

The Comic Source Podcast


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Jace welcomes comic creators Sina Grace and V Ken Marion to the show. The guys chat about their favorite Flash artists of all -time and why they are choosing them. There are many legendary names on everyone’s lists and some surprises as well. What is really interesting is those surprises may have drawn very little Flash, but we certainly hope we see more Flash work from them in the future based on what pieces we have seen. Also the recent DC Round Robin online poll gave readers a chance to vote for what upcoming series they would like to see. The project Sina and V Ken pitched, an action-packed Kyle Raynor and Kilowog story made it to the final four before losing out to a Robin project. The creators take a bit about the process of being involved with the poll and their hopes that the story eventually sees the light of day. It’s a really fun episode filled with the joy of comics so we hope you all enjoy it.

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