The Dead Lucky Spotlight with Melissa Flores: The Comic Source Podcast


In this episode we discuss;

The Dead Lucky Spotlight with Melissa Flores

The Comic Source Podcast


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The Dead Lucky – Final Order Cut-Off 7-11-22

Release Date 8-11-22


Jace has an in depth conversation about the upcoming Massive-Verse title The Dead Lucky. It’s the debut series from writer Melissa Flores full of super-hero action with electrical powers and giant mechs set in San Francisco. Melissa draws on the experiences of those closest to her and her own cultural roots to bring a relatability and realism to the project. The gorgeous linework of French Carlomagno and colors of Mattia Iacono along with dynamic lettering from Becca Carey bring this book to live in a dynamic way. Be sure to pre-order as soon as possible.

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