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Supergirl #28 | Superman Sunday

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Jace dives into Supergirl #28 as the Clone Wars storyline comes to a close. Kara is finally face to face with the clones of her that Harry Hokum has created, but they aren’t quite what either Kara or Hokum himself expects them to be. It’s a delicate balance for Kara as her anger at seeing the horrors that Hokum has created, and the underlying rage for Rogol Zaar’s actions that sent her to space in the first place, are at odds with the compassion she feels both for the refugees of the Vegan war and these mindless clones. Andreyko does a great job of showcasing this inherent dichotomy that exists within Kara and the art is top notch as well. There’s plenty more in the issue from Gandelo’s plans to the reunion of Kara, Krypto and Z’dar also, so be sure to listen in.


Supergirl #28

Writer – Marc Andreyko

Penciller – Eduardo Pansica

Inker – Julio Ferreira

Color Artists – FCO Plascencia & Chris Sotomayor

Letterer – Tom Napolitano

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