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Spawn Witchblade (2018) #1-4

The Complete Spawn Chronology – The Daily Spawn

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The Complete Spawn Chronology is a daily look at the epic story of Spawn by Todd McFarlane. Everyday we will feature an issue of the main series or several issues of a tie-in, spin-off or crossover. This are meant to be presented in a chronological format, not a publishing order.

All credit for the reading order chronology does to Blake Whitlow and can be found in the following Google Doc –


Spawn Witchblade (2018) #1-4 – Writers – Brian Haberlin and Brian Holguin, Art – Brian Haberlin, Colors – Geirrod VanDYKE, Letters – Francis Takenaga

Not the Medieval Spawn you may be looking for, but an intriguing take nonetheless. A mystery as to who this hellspawn is, but that doesn’t stop him from teaming up with a new bearer of the Witchblade who is learning her place in the legacy of the legendary artifact. The story borrows from many classic plot points in fantasy, but the layers of characterization make for an interesting story that feels like it could be built upon with many of the characters having the potential to carry a series of their own.


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