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Spawn Spotlight 2024 with Todd McFarlane

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Jace is joined by the legendary comic creator Todd McFarlane. They discuss all the upcoming events for Spawn in 2024 including the upcoming 350th issue. Additionally, there are 7 new series coming from Todd McFarlane Productions this year, all set in the same universe as Spawn. Todd also hopes to have news regarding the Spawn movie this year with a possible release date in 2025 to be announced. Todd also chats about his upcoming Kickstarter campaign for what he calls “the most detailed action figure” he has ever made and reveals some of his plans to celebrate 30 years of McFarlane Toys. Plus they guys discuss the early days of Spawn and Todd’s recruitment of some of the top writers of the early 90’s to writer issues of Spawn. There’s tons of information and lot of fun to be had as we celebrate the longest running independent comic character of all-time.

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