Spawn Rat City Preview Spotlight with Erica Schultz: The Comic Source

In this episode we discuss;

Spawn Rat City Preview Spotlight with Erica Schultz

The Comic Source


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Release Date: April 10th

Final Order Cut-Off: March 18th


Jace is joined by writer Erica Schultz to talk about her upcoming series set in the Spawn Universe, Rat City. Erica tells us all about the main character Peter Cairn and how he is both similar and different than Al Simmons. Erica also talks a lot about the legacy of Spawn and how she will be tying back to some threads, but focusing on telling a new, fresh story. Plus some talk about the world of Rat City, the supporting character and, of course, gorgeous art from Ze Carlos. Join us to learn all about it and be sure to pre-order with your retailer.


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