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Spawn #73

The Complete Spawn Chronology

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The Complete Spawn Chronology is a daily look at the epic story of Spawn by Todd McFarlane. Everyday we will feature an issue of the main series or several issues of a tie-in, spin-off or crossover. This are meant to be presented in a chronological format, not a publishing order.

All credit for the reading order chronology does to Blake Whitlow and can be found in the following Google Doc –  


Spawn #73 – Story – Todd McFarlane & Brian Holguin, Pencils – Greg Capullo, Inks – Danny Miki Todd McFarlane & Chance Wolf, Letters – Tom Orzechowski, Colors – Brian Haberlin & Dan Kemp

Sam and Twitch get a visit from Cogliostro telling them they need to start doing more to help Spawn. In an attempt to persuade them, he leaves a file with information about Spawn, but just what is in it, remains a mystery for now. Meanwhile, in Rat City, Spawn, Bootsy and Cogliostro all sense a menacing presence which is the cause of an unrelenting heatwave in Manhattan. What they don’t know is the being beyond it, represents a new faction in the war between Heaven and Hell and it looks like he may on his own side. Just wait until you are introduced to … THE HEAP!  


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