Snake Eyes: Deadgame Spotlight with Rob Liefeld: The Comic Source Podcast

In this episode we discuss;

Snake Eyes: Deadgames Spotlight with Rob Liefeld

The Comic Source Podcast

Jace chats with comic creator Rob Liefeld about his IDW series Snake Eyes: Deadgame. Plus how Rob has been helping out comic retailers in their time of need and his thoughts on starting a podcast of his own.

  1. Tell us about Snake Eyes your new project from IDW
  2. What universe is it in? Is there anything readers need to know going in?
  3. How did you focus in on the story you wanted to tell?
  4. Would you like to do more GI Joe stories in the future?
  5. Tell us about your what you;ve been doing to help out comic shops during these challenging times?
  6. How do you feel about the industry overall right now?
  7. I also want to mention you’ve started your own podcast Robservations with Rob Liefeld, what inspired you to do that?
  8. How’s it been going so far and what kinds of things do you cover?

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