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Silver Surfer #38 | Thanos Reading Order

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Jace dives deep into Silver Surfer #38 as Thanos hatches a plan to mislead the Silver Surfer. Death and her minions have told Thanos that the biggest threat to the plan of Thanos elimination half the life in the universe is the Surfer. Not content to rush into things and just hope they work out, Thanos as ever the schemer, has come up with a plan to make the Surfer believe Thanos is one more dead. This will allow Thanos to continue to methodically pursue his scheme to gain power enough to destroy half of the universes living beings and send their souls to his beloved Death.


Silver Surfer #38

Writer – Jim Starlin, Penciller – Ron Lim, Inker – Tom Christopher, Color Artist – Tom Vincent, Letterer – Ken Bruzenak

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