Secret Identity Spotlight with Alex Segura: The Comic Source Podcast

In this episode we discuss;

Secret Identity Spotlight with Alex Segura

The Comic Source Podcast


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Jace chats with award-winning writer Alex Segura about his novel Secret Identity. Alex has written podcasts, short stories and comics in addition to his novels and his latest mystery novel is an intriguing tale set in the New York City of the 1970’s. Carmen Valdez is an aspiring comic book creator stuck working as a secretary for a small comic book publisher with dreams of writing her own stories. Just when it seems she might have a way to sneak into the male-dominated industry of the time, the murder of one of her colleagues threatens her chance and leads he to try and solve the mystery herself. Filled with rich characters in a nuanced setting, you can nearly smell the newsprint of this classic era of the comic industry. A MUST-READ for comic and mystery fans both!

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