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Jace is joined by writer Rich Douek to talk about three of the series he has written, including one current and two past. The current series Heartpiercer, is a mash up of fantasy and horror with all-out action and great art. Plus a great homage to classic teen films like Breakfast Club and Goonies, with just a little horror sprinkled in, The Ocean Will Take Us is a great title with manga influenced are and gorgeous colors. The final title also calls back to some great films, this time it’s classic car chase movies like Cannonball Run, Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry and even the cheesy 90’s flick, The Chase with Charlie Sheen. Drive Like Hell draws inspiration from all of these and in classic Douek fashion, Rich brings in a horror feel, with devils, demons and angels to ratchet up the action. Join us for all the details!

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