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Resolution Campaign on Zoop with Ron Marz

The Comic Source Podcast


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Jace chats with longtime comic writer Ron Marz about his current campaign on Zoop, Resolution. Along with fellow writer Andy Lanning with art by Rick Leonardi, Lanning & color artist Andrew Dalhouse, Ron is bringing his love of cosmic, epic storytelling to the new crowdfunding platform. The Green Lantern meets Unforgiven is the simplest way to describe the story and with the track record and experience of these creators we really expect something special. In addition to the collaboration that is bringing the story of Xaan Maddox, a legendary member of the outer-space corps of heroes known as The Resolute, to life, backers have the opportunity to get a portfolio featuring artwork from other stellar artist working in comics. From Paul Pelletier to Phil Jimenez to Liam Sharp and a whole lot more. This is a chance for this all-star lineup of creators to draw whatever comes to mind in the universe of Resolution. Be sure you go visit the campaign page to check out all the amazing artwork and rewards that are being offered and share the campaign on social media so every one who wants to join the campaign will have a chance.



Writers – Ron Marz & Andy Lanning, Penciller – Rick Leonardi, Inker – Andy Lanning, Color Artist – Andrew Dalhouse


Portfolio art by Greg Broadmore
Portfolio art by Paul Pelletier

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