Remember Andy Xenon Campaign on Zoop with Tom Pinchuk: The Comic Source Podcast

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Remember Andy Xenon Campaign on Zoop with Tom Pinchuk

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Jace chats with writer Tom Pinchuk about his current Zoop campaign for Remember Andy Xenon. A modern story that calls back to older comic stories with a sense of nostalgia, Remember Andy Xenon gets very meta at times. Tom has a lot of fun exploring who Andy is and how gaining powers at such a young age has impacted him. We’ve all dreamt of what we would do with super powers, but have you ever thought about having them taken away? It’s clear that Andy didn’t and if he ever gets another chance to have powers it might go much differently the second time around. Great story, fantastic art and rich backmatter make this an easy campaign to back.


Remember Andy Xenon

Writer – Tom Pinchuk, Artist – Nikos Koutsis, Color Artist – Eva de la Cruz, Letterer – ALW Studios

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