Radiant Black – Full Series Recap after issue 4 SHOCKER!: The Comic Source Podcast


In this episode we discuss;

Radiant Black – Full Series Recap after issue 4 SHOCKER!

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Jace and Rocky from Comic Boom! do a deep dive into Radiant Black’s first four issues. The incredible twist in issue #4 has completely changed our expectations for the series and thrown a huge curveball into the narrative. The guys go back and examine the series with this big change in mind to look for added context and wonder if there were clues that might have lead them to guessing what was about to happen. They also speculate on the future of this incredible series and wonder what twists and turns might be coming next. The first part of the show is spoiler-free, but fair-warning is given and then the spoilers abound. So please check this out and let us know your thoughts on Radiant Black and the big event that just happened.


Radiant Black 

Writer – Kyle Higgins, Artist – Marcelo Costa, Letterer – Becca Carey, Editor/Designer – Michael Busuttil

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