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Powers of X #2


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Jace and Jon-Paul continue to break down the re-launch of the X-Men corner of the Marvel Universe from the mind of Jonathan Hickman. In the second issue of Powers of X, we see the real world consequences of the lives Moira MacTaggert has lived. It spurs an unlikely alliance that changes everything and sets the stage for what’s to come. Hickman gives us plenty of glimpses into those futures starting with seeing Cyclops with a confidence and swagger we can’t recall him ever having before, but we like it! Further into the future we see Apocalypse showing confidence as well, but his confidence may be crossing the line into arrogance and could cost his team dearly. Finally as we glance over a thousand years into the X-Men’s future it’s time for everyone to put on their thinking caps, because Hickman’s going to Hickman. By this we mean, he gives us some wild, esoteric and theoretical concepts that take a bit of brain power to understand.


Powers of X #2

Writer – Jonathan Hickman, Artist – R.B. Silva, Inkers – R.B. Silva & Andrea Di Benedetto, Color Artist – Marte Garcia, Letterer – Clayton Cowles

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