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Powers of X #1


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Jace and Jon-Paul tackle Powers of X #1. Jonathan Hickman uses an accelerated story structure to give a glimpse into 4 distinct eras of the X-Men. First we look into the past as the very idea of the X-Men has just occurred to Charles Xavier very soon to be followed by him meeting Moira Mactaggert for the first time. Then we see the world of the X-Men as it is in present time, just as we saw in House of X #1. When we look 100 years into the future things are not looking so bright as a huge war has devastated not only mutants, but the very earth itself. Finally we get a very brief scene of the world one thousand years from now and try to determine what it might mean. There is a TON to unpack in this one and the guys to their best to break it down and explain all the scenes as well as the informational text pages that Hickman gives us that provide a lot of material to help flesh out these different Ages of X he shows us.


Powers of X #1

Writer – Jonathan Hickman, Artist – R.B. Silva, Inkers – R.B. Silva & Adriano Di Benedetto, Color Artist – Marte Garcia, Letterer – Clayton Cowles

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