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Patron Project, Kill A Man & More with Steve Orlando

AfterShock Monday

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Jace chats with writer Steve Orlando about his upcoming AfterShock title Patron project. What happens when the world’s most beloved superhero seemingly returns being killed by a terrible foe, but that return is actually a conspiracy to trick the world into thinking the hero survived? That question only scratches the surface of the complicated & intriguing premise Steve is exploring in this upcoming AfterShock title. Plus Jace and Steve talk about the AfterShock original graphic novel Steve co-wrote with Phillip Kennedy Johnson featuring art by Alec Morgan, Kill A Man. A powerful and personal story, the guys get into the collaborative process with Steve explain how the ending was specifically a part of that collaboration. Finally, Steve talk about his Commanders in Crisis series from Image and how it celebrates comics while exploring some relevant themes.


Patron Project – Final Order Cut-Off: March 15, 2021

Writer – Steve Orlando, Artist – Patrick Piazzalunga, Color Artist  – Carlos Lopez


  1. Patron Project FOC 3-15
    1. Give us the elevator pitch
    2. You’ve said the inspirations where the iconic Curt Swan Superman & Mobile Suit Gundam. Not exactly two concepts that go together when you initially think about them, can you talk about how they fit together?
    3. Talk to us about the team of pilots – are they the core of the story? Can we expect the lineup to change?
    4. What about the inherent politics behind the Project, will you be exploring that angle?
    5. Length – story structure
    6. Collaboration with Patrick Piazzalunga
  2. Kill A Man
    1. Impetus of story
    2. Working with Phillip Kennedy Johnson
    3. Reception
  3. Commanders in Crisis
    1. Crazy Ideas
    2. Celebrating Comics

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