Age of X-Man-NextGen #1 & X-Force #2 – X-Tuesday: The Comic Source Podcast Episode #730

In this episode we discuss;

Age of X-Man-NextGen #1 & X-Force #2 – X-Tuesday

The Comic Source Podcast

Episode #730


Jace and Jon-Paul break down Age of X-Man: NextGen #1 & X-Force #2. The world X-Man created continues to reveal itself and all is not well, is seems there may be something sinister behind the scenes. Meanwhile in X-Force #2, the team is being hunted by the Transian government and we get our first clues as to who may be supplying them weapons.


Age of X-Man: NextGen #1

Writer – Ed Brisson

Artist – Marcus To

Color Artist – Jason Keith

Letterer – Clayton Cowles


X-Force #2

Writer – Ed Brisson

Artist – Dylan Burnett

Color Artist – Jesus Aburtov

Letterer – Cory Petit




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