Next Gen #3 | X-Tuesday – 12 Days of The Comic Source: The Comic Source Podcast

In this episode we discuss;

Next Gen #3 | X-Tuesday

12 Days of The Comic Source

The Comic Source Podcast


Jace takes a look at Next Gen #3. Armor finally gets a chance to confront Anole about his role in the resistance, but Pixie chooses a terrible time to intervene which results in Anole needing to go on the run. Meanwhile Rockslide is beginning to suspect everything is not as it seems. When he confides in Glob about his suspicions, Glob decides it’s time to let Rockslide know the truth. Does this mean that the resistance is about to gain several new members? It certainly looks possible. Next Gen continues to be the best of the Age of X-Man titles by the strength of it’s characterizations and the interactions between these teammates.

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