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Maniac of New York Spotlight with Elliott Kalan

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Jace chats with writer Elliot Kalan about his previous comic work, breaking into the industry and most importantly, Maniac of New York from AfterShock. It’s the hit new comic from one of our favorite publishers and it is all about a serial killer who has become like a walking natural disaster in New York City. The police and government are so busy pointing fingers and covering their own butts, they have all but given up on catching Harry the Maniac. What would it be like to live in a city where you get your Harry the Maniac report long with subway/road conditions and your weather report? Terrifying, but in an all too plausible way. Join as we chat about this with Elliott as well as plenty of love for his creative partners, artist Andrea Mutti & letterer Taylor Esposito.


Maniac of New York #1

Writer – Elliott Kalan, Artist – Andrea Mutti, Letterer – Taylor Esposito

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