Like Father Like Daughter – Kickstarter Spotlight with Kat Calamia: The Comic Source Podcast

In this episode we discuss:

Like Father Like Daughter – Kickstarter Spotlight with Kat Calamia

The Comic Source Podcast


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By just about any metric you want to use, this has been the biggest year for Kickstarter ever in terms of creators self-publishing comics. We have seen big names like Scott Snyder & Tony Daniel and publishers, such as Top Cow and Boom Studios all have very successful campaigns. However, we certainly don’t want to overlook that many smaller creators who have also successfully funded their projects on the platform just as they have been doing for many years.

One such project is Like Father, Like Daughter. This superhero comic is currently in the midst of successfully funding it’s seventh issue and is working towards stretch goals at the time of this writing. In this episode Jace chats with series creator and writer Kat Calamia about her experience funding successfully through Kickstarter for previous issues of the property, we also touch on the higher profile creators and publishers turning to crowdsourced funding as a means of producing their projects. Finally we discuss the project itself and how themes of family, belonging and responsibility inform this classic superhero story she is telling.


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