La Borinqueña Spotlight with Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez: The Comic Source Podcast

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La Borinqueña Spotlight with Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez

The Comic Source Podcast


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Jace chats with creator Edgar Miranda-Rodriguez about his current Zoop campaign for the La Borinquena Zoop campaign. Collecting the first 4 issues of this Eisner-award winning character in a fantastic hardcover package. Tons of pin-ups from fantastic artists and add-ons like hats and keychains are also available with Stretch Goals to come. Here is what Zoop has to say about La Borinquena.


The independently published superhero graphic novel series LA BORINQUEÑA is finally available in its entirety! This oversized 310-page limited edition hardcover makes for a beautiful addition to your bookshelf or coffee table, and for bookstores and libraries it is the perfect showcase for this Eisner-Award winner.

La Borinqueña Volume 1 collects, for the first time, all La Borinqueña stories to date (including the most recent one guest starring Rosario Dawson), short stories, pin-ups, and other bonus content. Original cover created by Ariel Jesús Colón (Action Comics, Green Lantern, Dark Crisis) with interior art by Will Rosado (1/6, GI Joe), Christopher Sotomayor (Avengers, Captain America) and more.

Your pre-order will support our continued philanthropic work in Puerto Rico via our La Borinqueña Grant Awards.

Marisol Rios De La Luz, a student at Columbia University with a major in Earth and Environmental science, is studying abroad in Puerto Rico. Shortly after arriving, she finds out that her classes at the University of Puerto Rico are no longer available due to budget cuts. Initially she is disappointed, but she decides to create her own lab in the back of her grandfather’s café where she will conduct research on the rock samples that she acquires from her exploration of five caves. One night, she goes to Cueva Ventana during a storm and makes a shocking discovery about La Estrella Del Camino, which results in her receiving her powers from Atabex, Huracan, and Yucahu. As a superhero with a commitment to solving Puerto Rico’s environmental issues, the people recognize her not only as their vigilante but as a symbol of hope.


La Borinqueña Volume 1 is an oversized hardcover that presents readers with the first full story-arc of Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez’ titular character that has been in development over the last seven years. It features an exclusive cover designed by DC Comics cover artist Ariel Jesús Colón (Acton Comics, Green Lantern, Dark Crisis) with interior story art by Will Rosado (1/6, GI Joe) and Christopher Sotomayor (Avengers, Captain America), and story written by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez.


La Borinqueña #1, published in 2016, is officially part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of American History and will be included in this hardcover edition, along with La Borinqueña #2 (2018), La Borinqueña #3 (2021), the critically acclaimed team-up La Borinqueña guest starring Rosario Dawson (2022), and more short stories, pin-ups, and other bonus content.

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