Joshua Williamson Gives Some Insights Into The Knight Terrors Event

Writer Joshua Williamson “Talks All Things Knight Terrors”


We know that writer Joshua Williamson has had a large role in steering the DC Universe in recent years. From the Dark Crisis on Infinite Event that ushered in the current Dawn of DC Initiative that has been mostly well-received to the current summer event, Knight Terrors. Editor and writer for, Tim Beedle recently interviewed Williamson and there was lots to unpack. You can read the whole interview HERE at the website.


There are a few things that really stand out that we want to call attention to. Williamson says several times that the nightmares the heroes are experiencing don’t necessarily represent their fears. This is interesting as many people associate nightmares with things you are scared of, which of course will illicit the emotion of fear in the person having the nightmare. Yet Williamson is claiming the nightmares these heroes are having are “not really about their fears”, how can that be? Well if we look at the medical definition of nightmares from the Mayo clinic, where they study dreams, it reads “A nightmare is a disturbing dream associated with negative feelings, such as anxiety or fear that awakens you”. While this might be overanalyzing the story to some extent, it is interesting to think about in this context. Negative feelings, anixiety, stress, these can all be a part of or the driving force of a nightmare and aren’t necessarily dependent on fear. It also back up something else Williamson said in the interview, namely the freedom he wanted creators writing the tie-in series to have in crafting their narratives.


The other thing we want to point out is what Williamson has to say about Insomnia, the antagonist of the event. He wanted to create another “Big Bad” for the DC Universe as he seems to imply DC could use someone new to have the option of not reusing the same villains over and over. There’s plenty more from Williamson in the interview so we recommend you go check it out for yourself!

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