Horror Show Kickstarter Spotlight with Michael Katz and Darryl Banks: The Comic Source

In this episode we discuss:

Horror Show Kickstarter Spotlight with Michael Katz and Darryl Banks

The Comic Source


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Jace is joined by the co-creators of Horror Show, a new comic on Kickstarter filled with action, suspense and layered horror beats. Set in 1975, the story follows Viet Nam veteran and former police officer Ben Horowitz as he is thrust into action. Brought together with incredible visual storytelling by the veteran comic artist, Darryl Banks, the linework is recognizable as Banks, but also feels like something new. Darryl himself talked about about this in the interview so be sure to listen to what he has to say about challenging himself. Writer Michael Katz is clearly paying homage to a very underappreciated movie from the early 80’s but brings in some great parallels for Ben and the monster he ultimately has to take on. It makes for an engrossing read, that feels complete, but Ben is a character we would certainly love to see again. Fantastically entertaining. Listen in and be sure to go check out the campaign.

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