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Hide or Seek Spotlight with Dan DiDio

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Jace chats with Dan Didio about his recently released YA novel Hide or Seek. After steering the DC line for nearly two decades, we can confidently say that Dan knows superhero stories. During his time at DC Dan wrote a number of series including Phantom Stranger, OMAC and Sideways and now he is bringing that writing talent to the YA space with an engrossing novel about a young man who discovers his father is the world’s most famous hero. Unfortunately, he finds out because his father has been killed and he is forced to go into hiding with his mother. From that set-up unfolds an action-packed and emotional story that will appeal to readers of all ages. You can find out more about Dan’s debut novel below.


The guys also touch on Dan’s current role at Frank Miller Presents and Dan gives a quick rundown of the titles coming out from the legendary creator’s publishing company.



From the Publisher of Frank Miller Presents Comics and accomplished DC Comics writer, Dan DiDio, comes his first young adult science fiction and fantasy novel, Hide or Seek: The Superpower Protection Program.
Nick Pappas is the unknowing son of the god-like hero Odysseus and when his father is murdered on national television, Nick’s whole world is turned upside. He’s taken into the witness protection program, relocated to a small town called Crucible, populated not only with families of of his father’s greatest super-villains.  What’s worse instead of a safe haven, Nick discovers Crucible is a prison designed to contain and train the powers he’s developing.
Forced to remain in Crucible by the shadowy creatures called Mirror Men, who guard its border, Nick attempts to discover the extent of his powers and figure out who to trust amongst the eclectic band of kids he meets in town.
Steeped in high stakes mystery, inventive superpowers, and friendship, Hide or Seek, captures the tone and excitement of great young adult series, like Percy Jackson and is perfect for dedicated comic fans and lovers of young adult science fiction and fantasy alike.
For nearly twenty years, Dan DiDio has served DC Comics. He joined DC in January 2002 as Vice President of Editorial and quickly ascended into the role of Senior Vice President/Executive Editor of DC Comics. In that position, he directed the creative development and helped contemporize the superhero line of titles to bring increased relevancy and diversity.
DiDio was also an accomplished writer at DC Comics, having created and redeveloped several comic series at DC, including Sideways, OMAC, Phantom Stranger, and, Metal Men.
In 2010, DiDio was named Publisher of DC Entertainment alongside Jim Lee. As Publisher, he directed and oversaw DC Entertainment’s entire publishing business. Currently, Dan is partnered with comic and media legend, Frank Miller, and together they started their own publishing line, Frank Miller Presents.


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