Heroes and Zeroes Kickstarter Spotlight with Paul Eza: The Comic Source

In this episode we discuss;

Heroes and Zeroes Kickstarter Spotlight with Paul Eza

The Comic Source


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Jace is joined by aspiring comic creator Paul Eza to chat about his current Kickstarter campaign. It is a comic set in a world where nearly everyone has a special ability and those without are a bit forgotten. What happens when a tragedy occurs and the “Zeroes” might be the only ones who can get to the bottom of what happened? Well, that’s the question this comic will answer. Part X-Men, part Scooby Doo mystery and all out comic goodness, this is a project you won’t want to miss. Paul gives us some insight into how the comic came about, some of his creative decision regarding the tone of the story and his collaboration with co-creator and series artist, Kasey Quevedo. So be sure to listen in and go check out the campaign.

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