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Freeze Spotlight | Top Cow Thursday

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Jace dives into all four issues of the Freeze mini series from Top Cow. This is a HUGE idea that has so many ideas for story potential that it is almost hard to know where to start. Humanity, seemingly without reason, just becomes frozen in place one day. Technology continues to function, time continues to pass, but all of society is frozen in place? Forgetting about how this could possible happen, why people can be unfrozen by the touch of one particular person or how people don’t age, which are all legitimate questions to be sure, the moral and societal ramification of this are huge. How do you decide who to walk up and why? How do you deal with things like crime and marriage and resources as you rebuild. What happens when bad things start to happen and who makes the big decisions? Who has the right to decide and pass judgement? Such an intriguing world and a story we want so much more of!


Freeze #1-4

Writer – Dan Wickline, Artist – Phillip Sevy, Letterer – Troy Peteri

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