Free For All Zoop Spotlight with Patrick Horvath: The Comic Source

In this episode we discuss;

Free For All Zoop Spotlight with Patrick Horvath: The Comic Source

The Comic Source


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Jace welcomes Patrick Horvath back to the show to chat about his current Zoop campaign Free For All. Set in a near future with the world on the brink of eliminating poverty, the billionaires of the world are tapped to donate to the less fortunate or forced to fight in gladiatorial combat to retain their fortunes. Patrick was last her to chat about Beneath the Tress Where Nobody Sees prior to the first issue dropping. It has been THE smash hit of the last year, so now is your chance to get in on another great project from this creator before it blows up also. Listen in for details and go join the campaign.


Free For All

Welcome to the future. The world is at peace and thriving. Housing, food, education, healthcare… all of the basic requirements for living are now provided for by the World Finance League, and it’s all funded by a lottery. Wealthy citizens of the world are picked at random and given the choice to either donate half of their assets for the greater good of the world, or fight to the death to keep it all. Among these trillionaire gladiators, two former lovers square off in this global arena to settle their differences once and for all.

Regardless of who lives or dies, we all win.

Breathing new life into an older project, this is the first ever print run of a classic tale from Patrick Horvath that was previously only ever available digitally. The 48-page Zoop-exclusive graphic novella is being remastered with new lettering & coloring, new cover, and new bonus material.

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