The Comic Source Podcast Episode 254 – AfterShock Monday Betrothed Spotlight

In this episode we discuss;

THe Comic Source Podcast

Episode 255

AfterShock Monday

Betrothed Spotlight

  1. Sean Lewis Intro
    1. Previous Work
  2. Betrothed
    1. What the story is all about
    2. Themes that will be explored
    3. Why choose two teenagers to represent these worlds?
    4. What is it about setting the future rulers of their respective worlds in a modern day high school that appealed to you?
  3. Collaboration with Steve Uy
    1. How did Steve join the project?
    2. How much of the character design did Steve bring versus your ideas?
    3. What is the creative process like for the two of you?
  4. Anything else to share with the listeners?
  5. Where to follow your work online/social media
    1. Website –
    2. Twitter –

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