A Chat with Jim Starlin – Dreadstar Returns Kickstarter Spotlight: The Comic Source Podcast Episode #1349

In this episode we discuss;

Dreadstar Returns Original Graphic Novel Kickstarter

My guest today is a true legend in the comic industry, he has been working in comics for nearly 50 years especially in the cosmic corner of the Marvel universe, from Batman and Darkseid to the Silver Surfer and Adam Warlock, with characters and concepts like he created, like thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet appearing in Marvel films which have grossed over 20 billion dollars. He’s here today to talk about his kickstarter project  Dreadstar Returns. It is my pleasure to welcome back to the show Mr Jim Starlin.


  1. Who is Dreadstar? Give us an overview of the Dreadstar universe
  2. Return to the drawing table
  3. How has the experience been?
  4. Plotting, Drawing, Scripting vs just writing
  5. Has anything changed?
  6. Dreadstar and Thanos as favorite sons
  7. Vanth so good at breaking things, not so good at the clean-up
  8. Reception from fellow creators, Darick Robertson, Ron Lim etc.
  9. Giving back to future generations
  10. Anything still on the bucket list, especially now that you are drawing again

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