The Comic Source Podcast Episode 131 SDCC Comic News/Wrap Up and DC Rebirth Week 8


In this episode we discuss;

  1. Comic News
    1. Eisner Award winners
    2. Deadpool back in Venom Costume and Shakespearean variants
    3. Death of X panel
    4. Marvel’s variant cover theme for October is Champions
    5. Richard Rider is returning as Nova in November
    6. Civil War II Panel
    7. Christopher Priest wins inkpot and talks about his long career
    8. Cup O Joe Panel covers a lot of books, but little real info
    9. Jason Reynolds is writing a Miles Morales YA novel
    10. All ages Groot book, Good Night Groot
    11. Official announcement of Inhumans Vs X-men
    12. Second IvX title Terregenocide
    13. Black Panther spin-off tokenism or good comics?
    14. Civil War II The Oath
    15. Dr Strange Punisher Magic Bullets
    16. Spider-Man Dead No More:The Clone Conspiracy
    17. Marvel Divided We Stand panel teases the future , but no new info
    18. Geoff Johns got a promotion to President of DC Entertainment
    19. Tom Taylor writing a prequel comic for Injustice 2
    20. Garth Ennis writing a Dastardly & Muttley comic for Hanna Barbera Line
    21. Big announcement regarding DC Wildstorm coming at NYCC
    22. Batman panel and making The Killing Joke canon again
    23. DC’s Young Animal is all about Gerard Way’s ideas
    24. Talking Suicide Squad with Rob Williams
    25. Amanda Waller returning to form
    26. Harley Quinn creative team talks about what makes her tick
    27. DC plans to take their time and get the story right when it comes to Watchman/Rebirth
    28. Wonder Woman finally getting her due after 75 years
    29. A look behind the scenes at how Rebirth came together and where it goes from here
    30. Williamson discusses how Flash # 3 kicks the series in to high gear
    31. Young Metropolis and Young Gotham aims itself at new readers
    32. Jonboy Myers shows off Teen Titans art
    33. DC Rebirth art from Upcoming Series
    34. Jim Lee spotlight shows how down to earth he is
    35. Despite a quiet year Milestone still moving forward
    36. Vertigo Panel, some of the best stories being overlooked today
    37. Superman is in good hands in the DC Rebirth universe
    38. Valiant giving away 100k copies of Faith #1 to retailers plus teases of what’s to come
    39. Archie comics, changing and telling new stories while staying recognizable
    40. Image comics, creative freedom and telling new stories that may be overlooked
    41. Top Cow scaling back, improving quality and moving forward
    42. Skybound Entertainment keeps on trucking with a new ending for Walking Dead while Horizon expands its sci-fi footprint
    43. IDW announces new Optimus Prime solo ongoing and the Hasbro-verse tons of info and exciting times
    44. Dates for SDCC 2017 announced and why it might be easier to get badges next year
  2. Convention wrap up SDCC 2016
  3. Spotlight on DC Rebirth Week 8
    1. Action Comics #960 – Writer-Dan Jurgens, Artist-Tyler Kirkham, Colors-Ulises Arreola
    2. Batgirl Rebirth #1 – Writer-Hope Larson, Artist-Rafael Alberquerque, Colors-Dave McCaig
    3. Detective Comics #937 – Writer-James Tynion IV, Pencils-Alvaro Martinez, Inks-Raul Fernandez, Colors-Brad Anderson
    4. Flash #3 – Writer-Joshua Williamson, Artist-Carmine DiGiandomenico, Colors-Ivan Plascencia
    5. Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #1 – Writer-Robert Venditti, Pencils-Rafa Sandoval, Inks-Jordi Tarragona, Colors-Tomeu Morey
    6. Nightwing #1 – Writer-Tim Seeley. Artist-Javier Fernandez, Colors-Chris Sotomayor
    7. Red Hood and the Outlaws Rebirth #1 – Writer-Scott Lobdell, Artist-Dexter Soy, Colors-Veronica Gandini
    8. Titans #1 – Writer-Dan Abnett, Pencils-Brett Booth, Inks-Norm Rapmund, Colors-Andrew Dalhouse
    9. Wonder Woman #3 – Writer-Greg Rucka, Artist-Liam Sharp, Colors-Laura Martin


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