The Comic Source Podcast Episode 123 Conny Valentina Interview


In this episode;

Jace chats with Australian artist Conny Valentina. Conny gives advice on what it takes to be a professional artist. Work ethic, time management, dealing with clients and all the little things you never realized are part of being a working artist. Conny talks about all these topics and more!

2 Responses

  1. Lee Dickens

    Conny truly is a breath of fresh air and even fresher perspective. No, she doesn’t pull her punches, but if you think you can handle the truth, she is the person to ask. If you want to see jaw dropping art, you must go to her site.

  2. GeoS

    Conny rocks. She is everything she says one needs to be in order to be successful. Great interview of a great lady and great artist.


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