The Comic Source Podcast Episode 121 Rebirth Review Week 4


In this episode we discuss;

Jace, Manny and Nick talk some comic, movie and TV news. Plus reviews of Action Comics #958, Aquaman #1, Detective #935, Flash #1 and Wonder Woman #1


  1. Comic News
    1. Spider-Man “Dead No More” now referred to as “The Clone Conspiracy”
    2. Bleeding Cool Bestseller list June 19th 2016 It’s all Rebirth as Civil War II falls.
    3. Hastings owes Diamond $1.6 million and Funko $2.5 million
    4. Nicolas Cage goes on a buying spree at Amazing Las Vegas
    5. Marvel releasing new teaser images for Marvel Now
    6. New Fables series launching
    7. The big death in Civil War II #3 will be Tony Stark???
  2. Movie News
    1. Justice League details announced, will have a presence at SDCC
  3. TV News
    1. Linda Carter to have a major role in Supergirl season 2
  4. Comic Spotlight
    1. Action Comics #958
    2. Aquaman #1
    3. Detective Comics #935
    4. Flash #1
    5. Wonder Woman #1


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