Eniac #3 & Tankers #1 | Bad Idea Takeover: The Comic Source Podcast

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Eniac #3 & Tankers #1 | Bad Idea Takeover

The Comic Source Podcast


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Jace and Rocky from Comic Boom! discuss Tankers #1 and the wild and crazy story Robert Venditti is unfolding. Also a lot of discussion on just how insane the idea is on its merits and how no real scientist would buy into it. All that is incidental to just how much fun the issue is and how great the art suits the story. The guys also talk in detail abut Eniac #3. Lots of speculation on the motivations of the sentient computer and what it’s end game may be. The guys also wonder if Olivia Fletcher may be the key to destroying Eniac through some secret maneuver her mother may have planned out years ago. The B-Side feature in the story is a reprint of the highly sought after Hero Trade and the guys talk about the insanity of the price of the individual book on the secondary market and how it can possibly be worth the price people are asking. Tons of great info in this episode so we hope you join us.


Tankers #1

Writer – Robert Venditti, Artist – Juan Jose Ryp, Color Artist – Andrew Dalhouse, Letterer – Dave Sharpe


Eniac #3

Writer – Matt Kindt, Artist – Doug Braithwaite, Color Artist – Diego Rodriguez, Letterer – Dave Sharpe

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