Echolands Spotlight with J.H. Williams III: The Comic Source Podcast

In this episode we discuss;

Echolands Spotlight with J.H. Williams

The Comic Source Podcast


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Echolands –  Writers – J.H. Williams III & W. Haden Blackman, Art & Design – J.H. Williams III, Colors – Dave Stewart, Letters – Todd Klein


Jace chats with co-creator, co-writer & artist of Echolands, J.H. Williams. J.H. breaks down the unique format of the book and the challenges it presents. The also talk extensively about rendering & color for the book and how it informs mood and diversity in the sprawling world of Echolands. Plus Jace gives a rundown of some of the influences he sees and J.H. talks about how each of those influences became a part of this rich world. It’s a fun and in-depth interview for a must-read series.

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