DC Spotlight August 24, 2021 Releases Part 1: The Comic Source Podcast

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DC Spotlight August 24, 2021 Releases Part 1

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Jace and Rocky from Comic Boom are back with another week of DC Comics. It’s a pretty solid wee , but with so many books, the guys are dividing it up into two episodes and here is the first!


Superman ’78 #1 – This six issue series gets off to a great start as we are introduced to Braniac. A classic Superman villain that would have been the antogonist of the story Richard Donner would have brought to life in Superman III if he hadn’t left the franchise. Both the art & scripting of this first issue, perfectly capture the tone of the classic Christopher Reeve version of the character.

Writer – Robert Venditti, Artist – Wilfredo Torres, Color Artist – Jordie Bellaire, Letterer – David Lanphear


Harley Quinn #6 – Harley makes her way to Alley Town where she teams up with Catwoman to try and find the drugs that are being developed that will lead to Fear State. The problem is, Selina is not exactly in the mood for a team-up, but that has never stopped Harley before and likely won’t this time. This issue definitely feels like a lead-in to the Fear State event.

Writer – Stephanie Phillips, Artist – Laura Braga, Color Artist – Arif Prianto, Letterer – Andworld Designs


Checkmate #3 – Just when it seems like Checkmate may be one step ahead of Mark Shaw, the tables are turned and it appears he is two steps ahead of them. Still not sure what to make of this story or the confusion inherent with the non-linear story structure Bendis is using. However, we love the agency that Lois Lane has in this issue.

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis, Artist – Alex Maleev, Color Artist – Dave Stewart, Letterer – Josh Reed


Batman Superman #21 – We have reached the end of the Gene Luen Yang Archive of Worlds story and it went out the same way it came in. The story has been a celebration of the fun of comics & feels like an instant classic with different versions of the World’s Finest heroes & spectacular artwork from Ivan Reis , Sabine Rich & co.

Writer – Gene Luen Yang, Penciller – Ivan Reis, Inker – Danny Miki, Color Artist – Sabine Rich, Letterer – Saida Temofonte


Batman Reptilian #3 – The Batman in this incredible Garth Ennis story continues to exhibit a dark humor & his relationship with Alfred is a real highlight. It is easy to see how this version of the Dark Knight would indeed strike fear into the hearts of the criminal element of Gotham City. Meanwhile, the art from Liam Sharp perfectly captures that same dark whimsy & is spectacular in its ability to set an emotionally charged setting.

Writer – Garth Ennis, Artist – Liam Sharp, Letterer – Rob Steen


Action Comics #1034 – Superman makes a tough choice and the repercussions may have a lasting impact. While back at the Fortress of Solitude, Thao-La has a decision of her own to make. Can she put the horrific way she was raised behind her and refuse to follow the orders of Mongul? Is she strong enough to overcome the innate servitude for the space-faring despot she has experienced since birth?

Writer – Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Artist – Christian Duce. Color Artist – Adriano Lucas, Letterer – Dave Sharpe


Mister Miracle: Source of Freedom #4 – This series continues to impress. We have had a few character moments so far, but the majority of the book has been all out action. This issue we get a chance to catch our breath as Oberon re-introduces himself to Shilo Norman and we learn just how much Shilo meant to the previous Mister Miracle, Thaddeus Brown. It’s inspired storytelling & certainly adds a feeling of legacy to the character beyond anything that has come before.

Writer – Brandon Easton, Artist – Fico Ossio, Color Artist – Rico Renzi, Letterer – Rob Leigh

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