DC Spotlight June 1, 2021 Releases: The Comic Source Podcast

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DC Spotlight June 1, 2021 Releases

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Jace and Rocky from Comic Boom! talk about the DC offerings for the week of June 1, 2021. Crime Syndicate focuses on Emerald Knight, the Earth-3 version of John Stewart. Is he friend or foe? The jury is still out, but both guys think he is the most intriguing character in the book so far. The latest Batman Fortnite Zeropoint issue is a blast and shows off both Batman’s leadership skills and his ability to play straight man to a good dose of humor. Speaking of Batman, the journey towards the Magistrate continues in the Caped Crusaders regular title, but we get plenty of Harley and Ghost Maker also. Swamp Thing #4 feels familiar as it leans into the mythos of the character very well and we get a not surprising, but not necessarily welcome cameo on the last page. Crush and Lobo had the guys very divided with Rocky seeing it as a missed opportunity while Jace very much enjoyed reading about Lobo’s daughter for the first time. Justice League was solid, but once again the back up of Justice League Dark outshone the main story. Batman Catwoman had an awesome Harley vs Selina fight, but the alternating timelines have the overall story moving rather slowly so we still aren’t quite sure what the point of it all is yet. Suicide Squad finished up the Red X crossover and the guys rather enjoyed it. Red X seems more formidable than we first expected which leads the guys to some guesses about who he might be. Green Lantern #3 is the best issue yet. We get some solid, relatable and very authentic characterization of John Stewart, a very intriguing look at what is happening amongst the wreckage of the Corps on PA and a tease that Hal Jordan may just be the Lantern that can help save the day. Finally The Nice House on the Lake #1 is a perfect first issue. An ensemble cast we meet to varying degrees, an antagonist who is suitably mysterious and a big event at the end that pushes the narrative forward in a big way. This is the kind of book that can keep you up at night thinking about what you would do if you found yourself amidst these events. The art is also suitably beautiful and creepy. An absolute must read.

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