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DC Comics Wants You To Kneel Before Zod

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Announced at the Worlds of Metropolis panel, which focuses on all things Superman for San Diego Comic Con 2023 attendees, Joe Casey is coming back to DC and back the the Superman family of books. This time, along with artist Dan McDaid, he is taking on the iconic villain, Zod. The history between the House of El and the House of Zod has varied in degrees of antagonism depending on the version of Superman and Kryptonian history at any given time. For a casual fan or someone who only knows of Zod through film, he is the antithesis of Superman and a formidable foe, As Casey put it in the audio interview available below, ALL of Superman’s power with none of his morality.


When researching the project, Casey said he was surprised how docile Zod had become in recent stories. Make no mistake, that will be changing. Both on the panel and in our conversation it was clear that Casey will be pulling out all the stops to bring Zod back to his most ruthless ways. Up until Casey came out on stage as a surprise guest, the panel had been very positive and hopeful, focusing on the light that Superman brings to the DC Universe. It was great to have the announcement of the Zod series turn that on it’s head. Also mentioned on the panel by Casey was a Adam Lambert and Queen cover of the Flash Gordon theme song from the 1980 Sam Jones film. According to Casey the lyrics will be changed slightly to Zod … ahhhhh-ahh, he’ll kill every one of us. We don’t’ have details yet on a price or if DC can really make this happen, but Casey mentioned releasing the song on a flexi-disc which would allow it to be package with a comic, likely in a polybag. More details on that when we get confirmation. You can hear from Casey in the interview, but what isn’t said, but rather hinted at, is that there might be something following on the heels of Zod’s reemergence. Perhaps a big Superman event? Could this portend an anti-Superman army led by Zod of Superman’s most powerful villains. The Superman family has grown quite a bit in recent years, so in order to provide a challenge for them, it just might take a Zod led army. It’s only speculation at this point and, only time will tell.


No firm date for the mini-series has been given. January 2024 is when the first issue should hit comic shops with 11 issues to follow monthly the rest of the year. There’s a lot more Casey had to say when teasing the series so take a listen to the interview and be sure to pre-order Kneel Before Zod.

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