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Curse Of The Spawn #29

The Complete Spawn Chronology    


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The Complete Spawn Chronology is a daily look at the epic story of Spawn by Todd McFarlane. Everyday we will feature an issue of the main series or several issues of a tie-in, spin-off or crossover. This are meant to be presented in a chronological format, not a publishing order.

All credit for the reading order chronology does to Blake Whitlow and can be found in the following Google Doc –


Curse Of The Spawn #29 – Writer – Alan McElroy, Penciller – Clayton Crain, Inker, Chance Wolf & Todd McFarlane, Color Artist – Todd Broeker & Mark Nicholas, Letterer – Tom Orzechowski

Jonathan Edward Custer is the administrator of Purgatory. A place between, a place where souls who aren’t quite worthy of heaven can go in hopes of making up for minor transgressions and  achieving everlasting salvation. What happens when the world has become so black and white that there are no “fence-straddlers”? And what will that mean for Custer, who’s entire existence has revolved around watching, judging and caretaking in this special realm of the afterlife.


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