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Cornerman – Creator Owned Spotlight

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Jace chats with veteran comic illustrator & writer Ray-Anthony Height & co-writer & editor Chris Robinson about their current Campaign for Cornerman. Jason “Drex” Drexler has always been the “guy behind the guy”, a martial artist instructor & mentor to many of the super powered individuals in the world he lives in. He’s never wanted to be out there on the frontlines fighting and instead has mentored & fostered many close relationships with those heroes who are out there day in and day out saving lives. However, when circumstances change, Drex is forced to do the very thing he said he would never do, he’s going on a mission. What could have compelled him to finally get out of the corner & into the ring? Listen to our chat with the creative team to find out & join the campaign so you can get the WHOLE story.


Cornerman: Exhibition Match #1

Writer/Artist/Creator – Ray-Anthony Height, Co-Writer/Editor – Chris Robinson

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