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Avengers #125 -Marvel Chronology Thanos Reading Order

The Comic Source Podcast


Jace continues his examination of the first cosmos spanning Thanos story from legendary creator Jim Starlin.  Today’s episode breakdown Avengers #125 as the fleet Thanos sent to Earth is about to attack and only the Avengers stand between them and the earth downfall. This is the penultimate issue of the story Starlin has been crafting since Iron Man #55, but we have the incredible Steve Englehart writing this one. Why does Thanos refuse to help his fleet when they are confronted by Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? What scheme is Thanos up to now? How will it impact his godhood going forward? Will this choice lead to a victory for the Avengers and Captain Marvel or will Thanos’s plans finally bear fruit? Great bronze age epic & heroic storytelling from Englehart as he sets up the finale from Starlin in Captain Marvel #33


Also this issue has classic John Buscema & Dave Cockrum art and an incredibly striking cover.


Avengers #125 

Writer – Steve Englehart

Artists – John Buscema & Dave Cockrum

Color Artist – P. Goldberg

Letterer – Tom Orzechowski

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