Absolute Power Spotlight with Mark Waid: The Comic Source

In this episode we discuss;

Absolute Spotlight by Mark Waid

The Comic Source


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Jace welcomes Mark Waid to the show to chat about all things Absolute Power. Mark gives his thoughts on the event as a classic big comic versus a villain spotlight as well as his thoughts on Amanda Waller as a villain. Mark also gives some insights on how the Absolute Power events we’ve seen so far tie together. What the consequences of this event might be is also hinted at and it seems that the end of the year for DC may be quite intriguing. Mark finishes up by giving his thoughts on working with the various other writers and artists on this event and how what they have brought to this story. There’s tons of insight into the event here and enough hints to excite us even more for what’s to come in the Absolute Power event.



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