21 Down and Other Things with Jimmy Palmiotti: The Comic Source Podcast

In this episode we discuss;

21 Down and Other Things with Jimmy Palmiotti

The Comic Source Podcast


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Jace chats with Jimmy Palmiotti in a wide ranging interview. They finally discuss the 2002 Wildstorm series 21 Down, how Jimmy and Justin Gray initially envisioned the series, what might have been, chances of getting the rights back and even some dream casting for a movie. Also the guys talk about the current Kickstarter campaign for issue #2 of Jimmy and Dave Johnson’s Pop Kill series. The recent changes at DC prompt a conversation of what Jimmy’s first year as DC publisher would look like and a little Puchline compared to Harley talk. Then finally they finish up with some fan talk about conventions, back issues, original art and the comic community in general. This one really has it all.


  1. Random Acts of Violence
  2. Pop Kill #2
    1. Series Pitch
    2. Writing with Dave
    3. Artist
  3. 21 Down
    1. Pitch
    2. How did the series come about
    3. Inspirations for the series
    4. Dream casting
    5. Fitting into the larger WildStorm Universe
    6. Cancelation
    7. Upcoming/Unpublished issues
    8. Story structure
    9. Long term plan – Herrod
    10. Any chance of getting the rights
  4. Punchline vs Harley
    1. Is DC moving backwards
  5. Jimmy as Publisher
    1. New model
  6. Absence of cons
    1. Fan experience
  7. Jimmy as a fan
    1. What are you reading?
    2. Back issues

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