The Comic Source Episode 191 Stained Spotlight with David Baron

In this Episode;

Jace chats with comic creator David baron about his creator-owned project STAINED.  The first issue arrives May 3rd and is already sold out at the distributor level, so get to your local comic shop early and grab your copy before it’s too late.


  1. Quick Intro of David
    1. Previous Work
  2. From Artist to Writer
    1. What made you want to tell this story
    2. Does it require a different creative process?
    3. Is it strange having someone else do the art?
  3. What Stained is all about
    1. Emma – Woman against the world?
    2. Exploring her past
    3. What does it mean to be human
      1. emotion
    4. The Have’s and Have-Not’s
  4. The Setting
    1. The future as it’s own character
    2. The mood
  5. Drawing Inspiration
  6. More stories to tell?

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