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In this episode we discuss;

Silver Surfer #37

Marvel Chronology – Thanos Reading Order

The Comic Source Podcast


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Jace takes a look at Siler Surfer #37 as the Sentinel of the Spaceways continues his search for Thanos. He heads to Titan to learn as much as he can about the Mad Titan from his father Mentor. While on Titan he also encounters Eros again much to his chagrin and meets Drax the Destroyer for the first time.  Unfortunately for everyone involved the resurrection of Drax by Chronos is not without it’s problems. Drax doesn’t exactly display superior intelligence or tactical thinking this time around. Complicating things even further, Drax also seems to be missing the sixth sense he previously possessed which allowed him to track Thanos throughout the cosmos leading to a very annoyed Silver Surfer. When brute strength doesn’t help Surfer to ditch the ever-annoying Drax, he turn to more unconventional, even humorous, means.


Silver Surfer #37

Writer – Jim Starln, Penciller – Ron Lim, Inker – Tim Christopher. Color Artist – Tom Vincent, Letterer – Ken Bruzenak

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