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In this episode we discuss;

Silver Surfer #35

Thanos Reading Order – Marvel Chronology

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Jace breaks down Silver Surfer #35 as Thanos is indeed back among the living. He introduces himself to the Surfer and gives the reasons for being resurrected by Death. They ring a bit hollow to Jace, but fans of the MCU will find them sounding familiar. Despite the fact that the Silver Surfer has never met Thanos it takes no time at all for him to begin to be suspicious of Thanos’s actions. Once Thanos lays his plans bare and even reveals how he has already manipulated the Surfer it is clear that Thanos has made a powerful enemy. These early stories of Thanos’s return so brilliant build idea upon idea leading to the legendary Infinity Gauntlet story. Once again creator Jim Starlin is showing his mastery of the Marvel Comic as he  creates this epic saga. Artist Ron Lim is the perfect choice to show the power, grandeur and action of this space opera.


Silver Surfer #35

Writer – Jim Starlin, Penciller – Ron Lim, Inker – Tom Christopher, Color Artist – Tom Vincent, Letterer – Ken Bruzenak


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